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NewSea Shero retextured *Edit*

Polycount: 9,359

Female only (all ages):
[ download package]

Female & male (all ages):
CASP edit only, it has some minor flaws in the back, but nothing too distracting. Male preview.
[download package]

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by NewSea. Control by Anubis.

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That was fast! I love this hair, so sexy! :D
Did you find child version of BlueBird? I've been stalking the Exchange all these days, but nothing! ¬¬

I love this hair too, it works well with all clothing styles I think :)

And no, haven't found it yet. :(

I made a typo :B (guess you'll see it later anyway...)
Anyway, if I find it, I'll give you a link :D

Don't worry, I make a lot of typos myself.
And thanks, if I manage to get it I'll send it to you, too. :)

I love this! Thank you!

Any way to convert this for males? D:

Actually, a simple CASP edit is possible and it looks pretty good imo.
See here:
There are a few minor flaws but nothing too distracting.

Thank you! That looks just fine, actually... I'll try that.

No problem, I added a version with the CASP edit :)

Fast and beautiful. Thank you so much!

Thank you and you're welcome! :)

wow, that was really really fast. And it looks super hot on guys too! Or maybe its just because of your super smokin pierced dreamboat. Where do you get those piercings? I love this hair so much more now than I did when I first saw it this morning

When people share quickly is always great! And the model is Ava's son. ;)
The piercings are from wideopeneyes@TSR:

Your retextures are so smooth and perfect; I love them so much! Thank you!

Aw thank you, I'm happy to hear it! You're welcome.

(And I LOVE your legacies!)

I looove this mesh! I think it looks even better on men! Thanks so much :D

You're welcome! I like it a lot on men too, not sure if 'more' but maybe equally. This mesh is great~

I originally saw you post this on Tumblr, but I wanted to say I really like this hairstyle. I'm just waiting to make the right sim to use it with. ;-)

Oh wow that male sim is a hottie :D I actually like it on both yay

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