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NewSea Bluebird retextured - two versions.

Polycount: 10,574

Polycount: 10,156

From child to elder.
You can have both versions in-game at the same time.
If you get any problem let me know, I'm not sure how the version without bow will act on other computers :p

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by NewSea. Control by Anubis.

I really love this hair and what you've don'e with it.

Not asking you to do it particularly, but is there anyway to make it so you can have both hairs in at the same time? Because I'd like to do it for my game.

There's a way, just that I'm not sure how to do it. :'D
I'll look for a tutorial or something and try it later, I'd like both versions too actually.

Ahh! Thank you so much for posting this!
It's just what I wanted for my game! ♥

You're welcome, enjoy!

Oh, it's so cute, especially without the ribbon!

Really, if Newsea doesn't release it for TS2, I may have to convert it myself.

I like it without the ribbon more too :)
And I'm sure you'll do a great job. I love seeing (and hoarding) your conversions!

YAY!!! Been waiting for this hair(your version specifically!). Thanks for sharing it! It looks amazing!! :D

Thankies, Phoenix! Hope you enjoy it! :)

Wow that looks great, I was waiting for a retexture of yours ^O^ and it's amazing as usual *_*

Oh Lotus, you are awesome. that is all :)

LOVE the edit. Thank you for making it so both versions can be used. You're a doll! <3

I'm glad you like it, Jill!

I finally stopped being lazy and read a tutorial on how to do it. Hopefully it'll work fine. :'D

Now seriously, this is great, thanks dear! ♥

Thank you, Nubie! Hope you'll enjoy it <3

Thank you so much. Not only do I adore this hair but I love and have all your re-textures. I've been waiting for the child version so a million thanks for that too. You are one of my fav creators ♥

Aw thank you! I hope you enjoy~! :)

This hair is so cute; thanks for uploading it! And in two versions too! You spoil us all. ;)

You're welcome, I love this hair too and both versions so I had to make both work ;)

I was waiting for this :) Thank you!

You're welcome, enjoy! :)

love your sims hairs

mamx from canada
well im new to sims3 but not sims or sims2, been downloading some of your sims creations , love them so far, but i saw a comment that made me wonder if your answer is still the same ?

are we allowed to keep orginal newsea and other orginals of hairs you have redone here? i was surprised to see that , it will mean i have to make sure i take otu the orginals.which some are not in packaged but put in my sims3packages plus launcher, so i m thinking perhaps i need to use the launcher to remove some orginals is what im guessing at .like i said , i still neww to sims3 and it taking a lot of reading to do this game ouch!

Re: love your sims hairs

No, normally my retextures would replace the original, as I don't create a new package only change the textures.

I'm not sure how it would be with sims3packs, I believe the same thing will happen one of the texture will appear (be it mine or newsea's) but not both at the same time.

The best is to uninstall one before installing the other, so if you have a sims3pack file it would be better to take it off using the launcher and then installing the other version (package or sims3pack).

I hope it helped :)

hi there!
i tried to comment before but it didn't want to go through.
I love your work and I love your sims! I was wondering if you'd upload this one in particular because i totally want her in my game. (:

thanks again and you're AMAZING, love!

I love this hair! Thank you so much! (btw, what model are you using? she's gorgeous!)

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