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Peggy Hair #810 for male

This was a request so I just enabled this style for male. Both highlight styles are included in the rar, and only package because my copy of TSR workshop somehow died, I can add it later if someone wants it.


- Mesh is included.
- Polycount: 10,478
- The file will not conflict with any other version of this hair, and you can have both highlights styles in game without problems.

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by Peggy.

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Wow, so glad you converted this for males aswell. I have slowly been going through my game and replacing all hairs with your textures, they are just beauiful textures. So thanks for all the textures you do ^_^

Yay!!!!!!!!! you were able to do it! I was the Anon that asked about it in the other post, and can I say you've made this girls day brighter! Thank you

This looks pretty :) Thank you very much for killing peggy's textures, yours are much better.

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