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You're welcome! I'm glad she'll be running around your game, it looks beautiful by the pics you post of it!
I really love her kids, I'm glad her husband wanted five kids so I could see lots of cuteness!

I grabbed her a couple of weeks ago and am now playing her with my 5 year old son. I think she is absolutely adorable!!! Unfortunately she won't be having kids in this incarnation - I don't particularly feel like explaining woo hoo to a 5 year old (unless I play her a bit after he goes to bed and she can be a single mum that mysteriously becomes pregnant). But I will definitely be marrying her into a legacy family so she can pass on the cute :)

Just look at this adorable face!

She does make some pretty nice faces right? I hink it's because her face is large lol! And she looks so cute in your game! Thanks a lot for sharing her picture!

She is adorable :D! And her kids! -heartfart!-
I'm jealous of your sim making skills :D
Would you mind If I used her in my legacy?
I'll give credit to you, obviously.
If not, it's fine!

Thank you, I'm glad you like her! And feel free to use and abuse her! :D


where i can find this incredible hair?

This hair is from the EA Store :)

Are you paying for that?? or you download in the other site?

Got it at the Sims Fairy Tales, link at the top of my page. :)

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