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Various retextures

Male and female - [ Download ]

[ Download ]

[ Download ]

[ Download ]

[ Download ]

[ package] [ sims3pack]

[ Download ]

For child-elder [ Download ]

For child-elder [ Download ]

[ Download ]

Male and female - [ Download ]
Female only - [ Download ]

Texture used is by Pooklet and the control is by Anubis360.

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You are amazing Lotus. simply amazing :)

My goodness, Lotus, you're just spoiling us with hairs! XD

Thanks a ton. ♥

I do believe I love you.

Love them all but especially the first and the last! Thank you!! ♥

YAY more Newsea hair! And Cherry looks so cute modelling <3 I'm about to play her so I am downloading these pronto and will throw newsea's Slow Dance on her because she looks extra cute in that.

Omigosh, Please continue with the Newsea hairs. They are simply the most beautiful retextures out there on the net, as a matter of fact all your retextures are amazing!
Your model is absolutely adorable! <3
I appreciate the time you spend on these for us! <3
Thank you!


Omg, Piggy and Fox are two of my favorite hairs ever. I am so glad to see them retextured. Thank you so much! <333

as fast as usual XD
You are totallly awesome lotus ^_^
Lotus can you add shine texture either? it would be nice :)

First i must say you doing a great job retexturing hairs :D
So I actully would want to request some hair I would love to see retextured by you..
These are the hairs;

^ Holy Crap! Maybe you should try asking for one, two, maybe three? Seems rude to ask for so many!!! But I don't know how Lotus feels, she could very well be nicer.

Anyway Lotus THANK YOU!! <3 They all look AWESOME.

I need to download the child's hair on your blog and then smash it all so I can actually use it. (Takes soooo long for my game to load right now I'm like afraid to add more, lol!!)

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