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NewSea Aphrodite

[ Download ]

As per Flora's new policy, I won't retexture her hairs anymore.

Texture used is by Pooklet and the control is by Anubis360. Mesh by NewSea. Sim is by Tasty Pudding.

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I adore these and all of your other hair retextures, love them! Xx

Thank you, i'm glad you like it!! :D

Okay, first I was just going to come and profess my love for you all over again for getting that newsea hair done so quickly. But then on second look, OMG!!! Angelina is modeling the hair! Wow Lotus you have just made my 2011. You have no idea how happy it has made me to see you using my sim to showcase your beautiful work. :)

I'm glad you're pleased that used her! I really wouldn't before contacting you but she was making so many cute faces that I had to!

you're so sweet :D You don't have to contact me first. You can use my sims whenever you want. I was so excited I had to post a link to this post on my facebook :)

LOVELY! I think these are great. You make me have so much more of a want to play sims 3, because I just love to see how the hairs are in game! My sims will definitely be showcasing your hair in my legacy. :3

You make me a happy camper!

Yay, I love your legacy and i'm glad you like my stuff too! Thank you! :D

Hey Lotus! <3

Thank you for the these, they look great! Now I can use an XM hair, I love them but the textures are just blah!

I've got a question, do you think this hair - http://skylarksims.blogspot.com/2011/01/rococo-hair-new-mesh-with-luminous.html can be saved? I love this style, but the texture is... Oh I have no idea, IMVU, Second Life, crappy Sims 2 looking.. maybe? I have no idea. I do have it in game and it just looks awful!

I'll try to retexture this one, but the mapping looks really weird so I don't have huge expectations. ;/

Yeah I figured. It looks rather hopeless... lol

Can I see the finished project if you decide to do it? I would like to have the file as well too, if that's ok. That is if you tackle this. If not, no biggie.

Thanx for listening!!

I love you. Just saying.

wow.... how fast you are Lotus ^__^
Definitely download both of them :D
Btw can you retexture this peggy hair http://svs.paysites.mustbedestroyed.org:8080/booty/ts3/peggy/hair/female/femalehair000074.jpg
and Newsea artascope ?
Thx a lot Lotus I'm sure they will be fresh & new hair after you retexture it ^^

Sure, the peggy hair is already done, someone asked me to retexture it on my last post :) the artascope, I've started retexturing it a long time ago, don't remember why I never released, maybe I couldn't fix something..i'll have to check it and see if i can do it :)

This is so pretty, thank you!
That's too bad about not retexturing Flora's hair :( XM meshes are adorable, but the textures are blarghfhfjd...
Hey, Flora, maybe if your textures didn't suck, people wouldn't have to retexture your hairs ;)

Absolutely gorgeous, thank you. :)

I would be forever grateful if you could update this one for children and toddlers, too.

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