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NewSea Artascope

Hello, only one hair today because i've been very busy! I finally managed to get the NewSea retextures work for all ages, so I'm on a updating spree of the ones I retextured before, but now for children and toddlers. :D

[ package] [ sims3pack]

Texture used is by Pooklet and the control is by Anubis360.

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(Deleted comment)
Usually yes, the mesh would be the same. You can edit the casp of the hair and enable it for elders, no need to convert it. If it happens to require a new mesh, you'll see that something is wrong (gaps for example). Other than that, the creator just got lazy and didn't enable it for all ages. I'm pretty sure (but I can't give you 100% because I'm not a mesher but everything I've seen up to now is like this) there are three head sizes in Sims 3: child, toddler and teen-elder. So if you have a hair enabled for Young adult, technically this hair should work for teen and elders too. There's a tutorial by Robodl95 that teaches how to edit the casp here: http://tinyurl.com/4fygk4k :)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much Lotus! I've downloaded almost everyone of the hairs you have retextured, Anubis and you are the best in this. I was wondering if you could retexture the Newsea's Elisabeth hair... and one of Peggy's, but I have to look for it, is in the cave and I'll post here the link.

I'm not sure if you take requests, but I thought I could ask anyway =) thank you!

You're welcome and I'm glad you like my retextures!
And sure, I can take requests :)

=D Good to know, because I though in ones that never got retextured, and they are a bit old but... well, I though asking wasn't bad. After posting this I'll check again your blog in case I've asked for something that it's already done, so I apologize in advance

From Newsea I would like Elisabeth, Camelia (for males mostly. And I think it's also named Lilium in Simscave), Viking, Chinese Ink (for males as well mostly), Te Amo, Cynthia, Theron, Battler (male and child mostly), LemonGrass, Rinka, Cindy, Cloud (for male and child mostly), Champagne for male, Roy, Christina, Heby, Lydia, Wishing tree (male and female), Tennis (male and child), Aroma, Starlet, Jelly Dance, Bliss, Iris, Lilio, Shangri-La (male and female), Sister, Bob, Leo.

I know they are a lot, but some of them are old and never got retextured :(

From Peggy I'd really, REALLY like http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=10264.0
http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=10991.0 http://www.peggyzone.com/Sims3Detail.html?id=000627&sortId=00 (male and female) and specially this one http://www.peggyzone.com/Sims3Detail.html?id=000079&sortId=00

Don't worry, it's my personal goal to retexture all of newsea's hairs. Of course it'll take some time but eventually I'll do them all.

About the peggy hairs, some of those were already retextured by missbonbon and maybe by other people on GOS, not sure I'd have to look around. I can't promise, but I'll see if I can do. And this one http://www.peggyzone.com/Sims3Detail.html?id=000627&sortId=00 is already retextured here on this blog. :)

I noticed after posting, sorry =( I think I checked all of MissBonbon's and others like chadgraphix, it happens that sometimes I don't like how they retexture... Anyway, the one from Peggy that I noted specially and the Elisabeth one are the ones I really really want, and the rest would be awesome bonuses =)

I'm so excited about using this hairstyle on my sims!

Thanks! ♥

Yay! I love your sims/legacy so i'm glad!
And you're very welcome!

thx Lotus, as usual it's fast :D
Love it ^^
btw can you retexture this raonjenna hair?http://svs.paysites.mustbedestroyed.org:8080/booty/ts3/raonsims/female/hair21.jpg

I just wanted to comment that all the retextures you do are absolute love and you 100% deserve all the praise you've been getting~ The only haters you should have are CC folders everywhere. They're getting overstuffed, the poor things. :P


Love it!!! Also I just want to second the request for you to retexture the Elisabeth hair, I really want it retextured so badly :D

As always, it's gorgeous! Thanks a ton!

Fantastic! I've been looking for this hair but was too stubborn to ask anyone about it. I saw it on MS3B and was so happy. ^^

Love your stuff! Thank you!

oh my goodness, please please please get that male (must be male) chinese ink hair and convert it to sims3, i must have it *-* your retextures are so beautiful! I hope you can make that happen, thank you

Re: oh my goodness

The chinese ink retexture (male and female) is already for sims 3.

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