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Polycount: 10,266
[ package] [ sims3pack]

[ package]

Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been lazy and don't feel like messing with sims stuff.

Texture used is by Pooklet.

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(Deleted comment)
You're welcome! And thanks, I tend to get bored easily with stuff I do, so I think that was the case. But nothing like the distance (from the game) to make me miss playing it again!

Thank you so much! :) Do take a break! You deserve it!

the selfish part of me does not want you to take any breaks :) j/k take a break don't get burned out, it is easy to get burned out if you are going non stop. sometimes a little time away makes it more enjoyable when you come back. oh and super thanks for retexturing that bob, its adorable

Lol I understand, I had some real life stuff going on and didn't have the mood for games and stuff, but i'm getting better and soon there'll be more updates!

Thank you so much for the peggy's hair retexture <3

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! And the model, Rebecca, is probably one of my favorites! She isn't specially beautiful but I think it's her plainness that I like! :)

Wondering if you can help me with a hair

I have found these awesome braids but for some odd reason they have spaces where there is not supposed to be.

May I upload a link somewhere so you might take a peek and see if you can figure out what is wrong with it?

You can contact me via my site, CstylesSims3Forum.com You can pm without becoming a member. (had to close membership temporarily)

I hope you can help. I made a Sim and this hair is really the one that looks best on him.

Thanks bunches!

Re: Wondering if you can help me with a hair

Sure, I can try :)

Omg thank you so much! I think some of Newsea's stuff is so nice if it weren't for the texture! These are fabulous! My simmies are gonna look awesome!

You're welcome and I'm glad you like it! :)

You do great work. Do what's best for you.

Re: Worth the wait

Thank you, real life kinda got in the way but I've been working on some more retextures :)

your hair retextures are gorgeous!
do you have any specific content you use for your sims? (i.e. eyes, skin, etc)

I wondering if you are going to re-texture this particular hair

Hi Lotus, I was wondering if you are possibly going to retexture this newsea hair. I just love the style and I adore your re-textures above others. Please... :)


Re: I wondering if you are going to re-texture this particular hair

Thanks! And yes I will, as soon as get my hands on the mesh :)

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