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Polycount: 6,443
[ package] [ sims3pack]

Please re-download the Bacchus hair, I messed up the male file but it has been fixed. Thanks to Alex Pilgrim for letting me know. :)

Retexture of the male conversion by Jillian Wong (sunhair@GOS) included.
Polycount: 9,080
[ package]

Polycount: 8,189
[ package]

Polycount: 12,931
[ package] [ sims3pack]

Texture used is by Pooklet and original hairs by NewSea.

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Yes! I ♥ the Cloud hair! :D Glad to see you do it! Vivid looks cute too!

Which skins are you using? Your darker tone looks lovely!

This sim is using LadyFontbum's naughty and nice skin :)
But I have to tell you that it still looks very pixelated from up close, still haven't found a good skin with darker tones.

Love them all, but Bacchus looks amazing! :D

Thanks! Bacchus is my favorite from this batch! :)

Hi ageiha,

I really like your work. You have very nice retextures.

I have a quick question. Are the meshes always included?

Thank you, and yes the meshes are always included. :)

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You're very welcome! :D

Lovely!!! And that bacchus oh wow! I always hated this hair. but it looks so good on your sim I think I will have to download it. Yeah definitely have to have it now. And yay for the rosy cloud, that hair is so cute, and now its super cute with this much more pleasant texture! If I weren't already married, I think I'd have to propose to you, lol

Lovely, as usual! I love the Bacchus hair, but the male one was showing up all weird (see link yo image), female looked good, great textures!


A side note, I use Aikea's skins and the dark tones look quite good to me.


Thanks a lot for letting me know, Alex.
I reuploaded Bacchus and it should work fine now, look: http://i.imgur.com/C39nr.png
I believe I compressed the file twice, sorry about that! :/


Hair as usual amazing! And I think that sim is amazing, where did you get her? Or did you made her? She's so cute!

This sim was actually a babysitter of a family I was playing, I thought she was too cute to miss. I've uploaded her for you just like I got her, she's a teen and her eyes are green (on the picture she's using winterine's contacts), but other than that she's the same sim, just aged. Here you go: http://www.mediafire.com/?rfa3abyrwattgpa

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Lovely! Could you recreate Rose 97, the one with the hair over the shoulder? Savio did it but sometimes it wouldn't show up in the game at all!

I can't reconvert very well yet, but I can try to retexture it and hopefully make sure it'll appear in game. :)

Lovely :)

I love your re-textures ♥ They are the best. :D Can't wait to see your next batch of re-textures.

Thanks a lot! :)

I really love the retexture for Bacchus. I always loved the style but the texture looked awful on anything other than black hair. Thanks a million! <333

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it, enjoy! :D

I've officially downloaded every single conversion you've posted :) Thank you so much! Now i just have to go fish the old versions and replace them with your pretties.

Pffft, i meant retexture, not conversion :D

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You're welcome, enjoy~

Lotus, I seriously love all your retextures. I think all the ones I have downloaded from you are in my game. (I really need to compress every hair I have into one big package... Yikes I have a lot!)

Thankies! Oh yes, compressing take such a long time, but it's worth it xP

You pretty much rock my socks... yep!

Thanks so much for your talent and effort. <3

thx but both links for Bacchus go to the same package file, do you have a link for the sims3pack?

Thanks, it's been fixed! :)

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