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NewSea Retextures

Polycount: 10,899
[ package] [ sims3pack]

Polycount: 9,429
[ package] [ sims3pack]

Polycount: 12,130
[ package] [ sims3pack]

Texture used is by Pooklet and original hairs by NewSea.

YESSSS!! Thank goodness I checked my f-list before I opened up my game! I've been waiting on your retexture of the Lola hair! Thanks so much Lotus!

You're welcome! Also, i've updated the Lola hair :)

Thank you so much!

I, too was just ready to open my game. So happy i checked here first. You are the BEST Lotus! <3 Thank you for sharing your talent!

Re: Thank you so much!

Aww thank you! Hope you'll enjoy it in game!

Woo! These are great! I especially love the first one! <3

Thank you, I'm glad you like it. :)

Can't download middle hair...

These are beautiful, thank you for sharing! Unfortunately, I can't DL either package format or S3P for the middle hair-- mediafire gives me a message about the file being private. Any chance you could reupload it?

Re: Can't download middle hair...

Just fixing it, it'll be up soon. Sorry! :)

Oh wow thanks so much! I've been looking everywhere for a retexture of Desperate that looked good, and yours looks great!

Glad you like it! Enjoy~ :)

(Deleted comment)
Beautiful! I love the Lola mesh, but with the dark roots, could only see myself using it with black hair. What ever would we do without you? ;)

I feel the same, don't know what's up with those dark roots newsea (and peggy) enjoy so much!

I just downloaded Newsea's "Desperate" and the original texture is kind of dark... now I'll have to uninstall it, next time I'll wait for yours, lol

You know something that annoys me a little form Newsea (like in "Lola")? The hairline. It looks like they're loosing their hair on the front, otherwise the mesh is gorgeous.

I think I understand what you mean, looks like they're getting bald, right? i've seen it on a couple for his meshes, it is kind of annoying and in some cases it ruins the mesh. :/

You absolutely spoil us. I love the Lola and Desperate hairs, and you make them perfect.

Thanks, glad you like them!

Thanks for retexturing all those hairs, they all look great. I was waiting for Labyrinth to use it on my kids, cause it's cute and messy.

Keep up the amazing job, and thanks again!

Snagging them all. As always, thank you! :D

You're welcome, thank you for your kind words!

Oooh~ these are beautiful! I want them all; but, instead, I just steal Lola :)

Also, could I request a hair? If not, I'll sit tight and hope you choose to re-texture it by chance - but if you take requests, I was hoping you'd do Newsea Lemon Grass and/or Newsea Cindy and/or Newsea LoveAffair? They're all so wonderful~

If I'm being to rude by asking, I'm sorry! And if you've already done them, please forgive my idiotic-ness.

Love your re-textures (: You are a Goddess.

Thanks, and i'm glad you enjoy my retextures!

And feel free to request, I may take sometime but I'll always try to fulfill it. Actually, Lemon Grass should have been released a couple of weeks ago, but I wasn't happy with the highlight position and got lazy to fix it. I'll try to retexture all of newsea's hairs (eventually)! :)

The hairs are beatiful!! And free!!!! :D Just wanted to know if they are high poly, I can't tell. (Sorry for my stupidity, I can be like that.)

HystericalParoxysm said on her hair tutorial that on sims 3 the polycount is the double as it should be on sims 2, so if the decent max on sims 2 is 3.000 polys, on sims 3 it would be around 6.000 poly. So over it would be very high and your game may suffer lag and your video card may explode (lol). It's really hard to find a mesh that's not maxis-match that isn't over 6k, at least in my opinion.
Personally, if the hair is around 10k it stands a chance to stay in my game, higher than that it's unlikely I'll put in my game. But I think it's something you have to decide for yourself, if your computer can handle and if you don't mind making your video card suffer. ;)


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