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NewSea Retextures

Hello, long time no post, right? I'm still not very interested in Sims 3 so it's hard to make fast retextures like I used to. And I've been playing Fallout New Vegas all my free time! :D

I also would like to make a humble request. It has come to my attention that a few people have been linking to my blog for meshes, so if you ever feel the need to do it, please don't. Link to the booty instead. This is where I get all the meshes you'll find here and the booty will always stay in the same address while my links probably won't last much longer, seeing as the pay meshes creators are very annoying and like to take links down. Thanks.

Polycount: 9,781
[package] [sims3pack]

Polycount: 10,984
[package] [sims3pack]

Polycount: 9,398
[package] [ sims3pack]

Texture used is by Pooklet and original hairs by NewSea.

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Sorry! As I did some of my retextures with your files, I thought it would be nice to give a link to your site as well. Links removed. Sorry again! ^-^'

No problem at all, just because sooner than later my links won't work. And I may not be around to update them. :)

Thank you for these....I am glad you are still sharing your lovely textures even if you are going through a FallOut LV phase!! I <3 you for it!

You're welcome!
Oh I had to do something else, the new enemies in New Vegas are worst than the ones in fallout 3, so I needed to see some pretty and happy stuff like the sims! :D

Oh Lotus, these are so lovely yay!! I am so glad you did the aroma hair, I love it for my girls. Also glad to see you did that new brooklyn hair too, I cant wait to try that out and see if my sims can wear it. Sorry you are not interested in sims right now, that makes me sad. I hope you won't leave us :(

Thank you! Oh don't worry i'm not leaving. I love my sims too much! But sometimes I think I'm too intense and spend my time doing so much of the same thing that I get tired pretty fast. But I don't think I'll ever stop playing sims games. :D

Thank you so much for these, Lotus! I hope to see if Chinese Ink (for males) would be in your list soon =D

You're welcome! And don't worry, Chinese Ink should be coming soon! :)

Very, very nice as always!!:) Thank you!

And I feel you! I haven't opened up TS3 since before the release of DA II sooo...still downloading things though and totally snagging these! Thanks again!

I confess that it's the same here. I only open the game to test the hairs and take the screenshots! I never played DA, I have the first game here but haven't played it yet. I'm a bit scared, to tell you the true, I saw a lot of images and I'm scared of those dragons. I already take so long to play Fallout because the mutants and enemies scary me too so I don't even think I should start another game that will take me ages to finish! I'm so pathetic lol!

I was just saying to my girlfriend today, "I hope Lotus does the Brooklyn hair..." XD I love it! And the Aroma one is amazing as well. Pooklet is so good for Newsea hairs.

I really like the Brooklyn mesh so as soon as I found it on the booty I had to retexture it! I'm glad you like it!
And I agree, Pooklet's textures are great. :)

Very nice, as always! I'm so glad you did Aroma! I love that mesh :D

You're welcome and thanks! I really like Aroma mesh too, I wish it was for kids too!

Thank you so much for doing these! I'm excited over the Brooklyn hair. :)

Cindy! I love that hair. Amazing re-texture! Love it.

I love this hair too, it's one of my favorites actually. I've had it done for so long and just found out that I still haven't shared! And thanks! ^_^

I love this sim, and as always, the retextures. Great work, thanks for sharing :)

Thank you! Oh and the sims is the same I used on this post: http://ageiha.livejournal.com/21743.html (there's a link to get her if you want) I just changed the cc. :)

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Great retextures, thank you!
And New Vegas rocks! :D

You're welcome!
Doesn't it?? I love this game too much!

Great retextures! Lotus you are such a lifesaver!

Will you retexture the dreamscape newsea hair?

You're welcome! And yes, Dreamscape is done too. :)

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I love your retextures, they are so pretty. Thank you for sharing. Can we use these with the originals or do we have to remove the originals to have them?

Thank you!
The meshes are always included in my retextures, all I do is change the img files and sometimes fix something in CASP. So you can only have one in game, the originals or mine otherwise they'll conflict. :)

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