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NewSea Retextures

Polycount: 10,332
[package] [sims3pack]

Polycount: 9,290
[package] [sims3pack]

On this hair, the preview is a bit different from the file you'll get, but only the control changed a bit. I added a bit more red in the roots so it's more visible. But that's it. Sorry, I got too lazy to take new previews :X
Polycount: 10,752
[package] [sims3pack]

Polycount: 6,448
[package] [sims3pack]

First is half-mine, she's a daughter of Callum Flemmington by phoenixfg. She has a lot of Callum. <3
The second is Arita Puddlejumper, got her at pixel_trade probably but I can't for the life of me find exactly where. :(

Texture used is by Pooklet and original hairs by NewSea.

Taking them all, they're beautiful! Thank you so much :D Also, that freckle skin is gorgeous!

Thank you and you're welcome!
I love that skin by MissSkitty, if I don't watch out all of my sims end up using it!

Ahhhh I love 'em! Gorgeous.

Thank you for these, especially Guajira. They all look fabulous!

Oh, and that freckled model is absolutely adorable!

Thank you so much! :)

Thanks for Chinese Ink, Lotus!

You're welcome, Chris! :)

Thanks for taking your time to retexture more Newsea hairs. I was waiting to see if you'd do guajira, cause I like that one a lot. Again, thank you and keep up the amazing job!

You're most welcome, glad you like it! :)

Awesome as always! :) You're making me want to open my game just to stare at your hairs! :P I really appreciate all your hard work! :)

Thanks a lot, I'm always glad to share and hear your comments!

And oh my, do I spy a hot Anders+Fenris duo over there??

I have to have that beret lol!

RL? I know I do need it! ;D

They're wonderful, thank you so much!

Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it! :)

Thank you so much Lotus! Just beautiful! I hate even asking but i have been looking forever and haven't found a decent retexture of Newsea's Lemongrass...(hint) <3

P.S.- You totally got me hooked on Dragon Age 2!!! LOL! Your pics sold me!! i went out and bought it the next day! =D

Oh I remember now, I think you requested the LemonGrass before, right: That would explain why I have a thousand versions of it cluttering my desktop lol. I probably got lazy half-way and never finished. But I will asap, sorry!

LOL sweet! I got hooked recently too, never played any other game like this before (I used to think that any RPG that wasn't Pokemon was boring, silly me! Do post some pictures sometime, I'd love to see it!! :D

oh I really love that first hair so much! And that freckled skin is simply gorgeous. What skin is it? It looks different than the freckle skin I already have, but could just be the make-up. who knows. still want to know what skin it is and where can I find? pretty pretty please.

Thanks, I'm glad you like!
And the skin is a version of MissSkitty by jmtmom here: there's not much makeup, only a light blush that could maybe make some difference, nothing more really. :)

BYOOTIFUL!!! Thank you :)

I was so hoping you'd do Guajira! Thanks, once again :D

Wow thank you so much!...but if it's not too much asking could you please retexture this Peggy hair?

Everything here is so gorgeous. <3 Thank you so muuuch!!

Great work, snagged the first hair.


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