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NewSea Paradise Retexture

Polycount: 10,957
[package] [sims3pack]

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by NewSea. Control by Anubis.

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Very pretty! snagging, so thanks! Also, I've downloaded a number of hairs from you in the past few days, so thank you for those, too. :)

You're most welcome and I'm glad you like it. Thanks! :)

Ah, I love this hair :D

Thankies :) You are truly a re-texture goddess!

Thank you, I'm glad you like it! ^_^

Gorgeous as usual. Thank you!
I have a question, i hope you don't mind - with a lot of your retextures there are no other ages than tf-ef included. Do you know if i can use the originals for those ages or do i need to have the same textures for adults to make the kids and toddlers work? Does that make sense? I hope you understand what i'm asking.

Thank you! :)
And I don't mind at all! You can use the original of the other ages without problem. NewSea's hairs always has separate files for toddlers, children and teen-elder. So you can mix and match if you want without problem, as long as you don't have two different files for the same age. I hope that's what you meant?

And I'm sorry about this, I have fixed some of my older retextures to include the other ages too, but I still haven't finished them all and unfortunatelly life has been so busy! Hopefully I'll be able to include them someday.

Looks beautiful! Thanks! ♥


Lovely as always Lotus! TY for taking time to share with us!

Thank you, and you're welcome! :)

Thank you so much for taking time to retexture the hair and share it with us. I really appreciate it.

It's so lovely, thank you so much!!

Thank you! Glad you like!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! That's how I like too :)

I love the look! Tysm~! Do you take requests? :3

I don't really take requests, but you can make it anyway and if I have time I'll try to fulfill it. :)

That's great to hear :D If you have time could you do Peggy's Free MFHair63? Filename: peggyzone-sims3-F-MFhair022-090920.package. I noticed you had it availiable for kids, so I wanted it to match the other ages aswell. No dark roots and all. Thats my main request for now. I have more but wouldn't want you to go through alota trouble. Ty again!

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