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Sims Imagery & Download - Ava

You can see more pics of her here during my gameplay with her. :)

This is how she'll appear in CAS (no cc was included), and she should be base game compatible. I didn't create her, she was born in-game so I don't know how it works regarding the sliders. But her mother, and she has a lot of her mother (her father is Juan Darer from Twinbrook), was created by me and I used sliders by bella3lek4 and jonha.

[download .sim]

CC pictured, but not included:
Hair & lipstick: NewSea
Top: Imaginarium of Green

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Nice sim, but in the preview photos, do you know what is the name of that hair called. (pretty please ) Is this one of your hairs you are working on. Thanks for sharing the sim.

The hair is NewSea Di-Dar, the retexture is mine but I only have the adult age, so I'll share later whn I get the other ages. For now you can nly find this hair on the exchage or on TSR.

Adorable sim! Downloaded her! :)

Thanks, I'm glad you like her! :D

Where can I find/download her hair? Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I can't find it and it's so beautiful.

I got it on the exchange, it's newsea's di-dar.

where is the first straight hair from? It's so cute! She's fantastic by the way! :)

It's from Peggy, I have retextured it here: http://ageiha.livejournal.com/8805.html

And thank you, I'm glad you like her! :)

Where can I find/download her hair? Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I can't find and it looks really beautiful.

Hair is by NewSea, Di-dar. I got it on the exchange :)

Yay!!! Yay!!! Yay!!! She is so awesome!!!! Her mom must be gorgeous too. I love Ava can't wait to move her into the neighborhood. time for my happy dance

I loved her mom, but unfortunately I lost her when my HD burned! I could only save Ava since I had her uploaded on my dropbox.

Sorry it took me sometime to upload her, I tend to forget things easily lol. :D

Oh, is she ever gorgeous! I especially love her eyes. Thanks for sharing!

She is really cute. I love that 3rd picture of her.

Hey ! Thanks for sharing this beautiful sim !

I have a question : What is the skin used please ?

You're welcome!
The skin is by Ephemera :)

hi! when you download this sim, cherry Harper comes up instead of Ava. just a heads up

Thank you, I have fixed the link! :)

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