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NewSea & Peggy retextures.

Polycount: 8,085
[package] [sims3pack]

Sims3pack taken down due to borkage. I don't know what's causing the weird issue, and apparently it's only with the male version of the hair. It's weird because the female and male are on the same file. So, since I couldn't get it to work fine for both genders I'm taking it down. I apologise to those who downloaded it but please, unistall it unless you want a hair like this on your game. ;P

The package version is working fine.

This is an older Peggy hair, I've retextured the kids version but I got a request to retexture it for the other ages as well so here it is. The kids version were updated too and are included.

Oh, and Happy Easter everyone! :)

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by NewSea and Peggy. Control by Anubis.

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Thank you so much for taking in my request! Im so glad ~♪♫ :D GL with your other projects!

You're welcome! And thanks~ :)

Both are fantastic! Thanks!!

Not my styles, would never use them, but you're tempting me to download these hairs! Dammit! XD

The second hair isn't my thing, but I actually really like the Rinne one. Specially on girls, they look so tomboyish! :D

Know what? You've got a pretty neat idea, I'm going to try it on the girls! :D

*stalks FB page for pictures* :D

Hehe! Let's wait some time and I'll probably come with something :P

beautiful retextures, duh! (that is a given) just wanted to ask if you are going to retexture newsea's di-dar or... please say yes :)

Thank you, Liz! You're always so sweet! <3
I have retextured Di-dar but seeing as Anubis retextured it too, I thought it wouldn't be necessary to release it too. If you want I'll upload, let me know. :)

but yours doesn't require the original to work, and so I use all your newsea retextures, because they are fantastic and there are less files to deal with. and I merge files, does that even work with the override method? please please please upload it. you are my newsea queen <3 also did you do it for kids too?

Yes, I did it for all ages. I'll see if I can upload it soon :)

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