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New retextures and older hairs updated.

Polycount: 10,501


These were updated and now all ages are included:

Polycount: 11,516

Polycount: 11,342

Model is Constance Shelley by EA.

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by NewSea and Peggy. Control by Anubis.

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I've only just figured out how to put custom content in my Sims 3 game, and you are my number one hair creator! :D

Thank you so very much for all the retextures you do ^_^

Oh, wow! They are all fantastic! I especially love what you did with Di-Dar! It is so smooth and beautiful! Thank you!

Thanks~! Hope you enjoy it!

Gah! These are ALL gorgeous! Thank you so much!

Thank you! And you're welcome~!

oh lotus, such lovely retextures. yay di-dar!!! and sorry you feel sick :( feel better *hugz*

Thanks! And Di-dar is specially for you <3

Aww thanks, I really don't like being cold. :[


These are beautiful. With all sincerity, you have the best re-textures around. Thanks

You're welcome! I'm really glad you like it! :)

Wow thanx 4 these are those high polycount tho? And this is really helpful since the update I cant even get 2010 hairstyles to work. Some have game compability problems which sux :(

I listed the polycount below each haiststyle, the ones that don't have it listed are by Peggy and hairs from her cannot be viewed on any program we have/ nor made into sims3pack.

And if you have problems with olders hairs, try using package versions, sims3pack normally cause problems if your version is not the same as the sims3pack, but packages don't have this issue. :)

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