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NewSea Dolphin & Love Affair retextures

Polycount: 11,757

Polycount: 14,046
[package] [sims3pack]

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by NewSea. Control by Anubis.

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Gorgeous as always! I've always loved Love Affair for some reason!:) And the Sim in your icon is adorable!

And the sim isn't mine, I downloaded her from some asian site and edited a bit, but still not mine :p

omg love affair is STUNNING!! You did such a wonderful job! Thank you ^^

Thank you, glad you like it! :)

Dolphin looks incredible! And I've always found LoveAffair amusing for some reason XD

And yeah, I think it too..I wish it didn't have that huge 'bun' in the back. :s

You're most welcome, enjoy! :D

Oh, yay! I've wanted Love Affair but I just can't stand NewSea's textures, so thanks!

Glad you like it, enjoy~ :)

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