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NewSea Baby Face retextured and alpha edited.

Polycount: 12,931
[Mirror package]

Polycount: 12,931
[Mirror package]

You can have both versions in game at the same time.
If you find any problem, let me know! :)

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by NewSea.

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The alpha makes this loads better, thank you!

I love your re-textures so much and always wait eagerly for them to come out. I know you will eventually do them so I never download any others. Thank you so much Lotus you are amazing. Double thanks for removing the fringe!

YES! Thank god you removed the fringe, 100000000x better now, thank you :)


Jay, a version without the fringe,looks great!!

Ooo, I love the one without bangs more. Thanks so much!

Great work Lotus!

Particularly like more without bangs:)

Loooooooove it. I've been waiting for you to retexture this hair! =D

I'm so glad you retextured this. And I'm glad that you made the version with bangs. I like it soo much. I will take both versions anyway. But I think the forehead looks a little big without the bangs, that is my major problem with removing the bangs. Plus I think the bangs are cute, especially if you are putting this style on a teen going to the prom. the bangs add to the innocence of the style, with the wrapped around braid, its a very young updo style anyway. Which way do you prefer it? <3 <3 lotus for president!

Ah, when this first came out I thought, "This would look so much better without the heavy bangs." And you did it! You must be magic, Lotus!

Beautiful as always, keep it up! We all appreciate it so much.

Much better without the fringe. Is this stand alone or do I still need newsea's original hair?


It's stand alone, you don't need the original file for my retextures to work :)

Thank you. That's good to know. Now I can delete that original from my game. :-)


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