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NewSea SailAway retexture

Polycount: 12,534

Polycount: 12,534

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by NewSea.

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Beautiful job. I really like how this hair looks with your textures. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! And you're very welcome! <3

Can you share sims3pack file?

I tried but only the adult file worked. The ones for child and toddler were borked in game. I'm not sure why it keeps happening, when/if I figure it out I'll put sims3pack back. But for now I'd rather not share only half the ages working but if you don't mind only adult I can send it to you?

Sure! Give me the link so i can download it! :)

Here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/?rreb439vxafwl5v
Let me know if they don't work for some reason. TSR workshop is wonky lately.

Thank you! Hope you enjoy it! :)

Beautiful! I always wait for your re-textures <3

Aw thanks, I'm glad to hear it! Please enjoy :)

Ah it looks lovely <3

Was waiting for your retexture of this hair, yours are always up to a high standard <3

Thank you so much, I'm really happy you think that! <3

oh lotus!! it looks so nice, so velvety soft <3 <3 are you gonna retexture the babyface one too? and are you doing something a little different lately with your textures and such? If you are I like it :)

duh, I'm stupid. you already did that one. :)

Thanks, I'm glad you like Liz!
I've been editing the textures a bit, not much but I've been blending them instead of stretching to make the shine in the proper places. :)

I love the texture

I really love the texture! It looks like it's the best one you've done! Love it!

Re: I love the texture

Thank you so much!

Lotus! I was waiting for your retexture of this hair because I LOVE your retextures. ^^ (Also you give the mesh, and that's just full of awesome.)

Thanks! I'll try to do all of Newsea's hairs eventually, because what motivated me to retexture in the first place is that no one retextures his hair because they were afraid of tsr. So even if more people are retexturing his hairs now, I'll keep doing it for as long as I can.

Thank you so much! I was so excited for you to do this hair, because I love the way you do them. The majority of my hairs are from you, so thanks! :D Lovely work, as always.

Aww thanks a lot, really glad you like it!

Thanks so much for this and all of your other recent hairs! I've downloaded them all :)

Thank you!
Maybe you'll start retexturing hairs for sims 3 too? I had all your retextures for sims 2!

Wondeful Hair! quick question

I looove love love like x10000 LOVE your retexures!!! so beautiful *_* but we can't comment on MSB3B posts that are of your hair, probably trolls but I know you always do and this may seem stupid but I know Anubis used to but doesnt anymore, is the mesh included? if it is thanks! I stopped using nubie's cause i love yours, and the not including mesh just made more clear that i like yours! lol but is it?

Re: Wondeful Hair! quick question

Yes, it is. I'll always include the mesh :)
And thank you! I'm glad you like my retextures! <3

NewSea SailAway retexture

Very nice!! One question, though. I already have the NewSea version. Does this version include the mesh? Or can I go ahead and delete NewSea's version and use this? Thanks.

Re: NewSea SailAway retexture

Never mind. You answered my question above!

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