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The Person Below Me - Sims 3

Since I was too late for the first round of TPBM at pixel_trade, I decided to participate this time. Here are three alien sims created following prompts by cptnsimdecision, legacyfreak and racetrackd.

cptnsimdecision wrote:
"The person below me will make a blue skinned Sim with pale pink eyes and white hair with brightly coloured streaks. He/she will have a long(-ish) and a smile that displays his/her snarky, self-absorbed attitude."

Download (.sim)

Drakeis using Sparkling eyes contacts by Shady, default blue skin from EA and hair is NewSea's Shero retextured and enabled for males by me, the streaked version.

legacyfreak wrote:
"TPBM will make a tough looking alien with natural colored hair and sharp cheekbones. He/she will have many scars due to his/her under-the-radar involvement in galactic wars. You decide if the sim is good or evil."

Download (.sim)

Plutonia is using Default eyes by Gary, Olive colour tone (non-default) by missy harries and hair from World Adventures EP.

racetrackd wrote:
"The person below me will create a quite, shy, reserved alien who is embarrassed of being an alien. He/she will have thin face, puppy dog eyes, and with bright green hair."

Download (.sim)

Gale is using BJD Eyes contacts by Goldeneyes@MTS, Olive colour tone (non-default) by missy harries and hair from the store.

They all should be base game compatible. If you have questions about the CC, feel free to ask. :)
Important: I have the following sliders in my game and they may have been used when creating these sims:
- Jonha @MTS
- bella3lek4 @MTS
- Lip Shape by Hermi
- Forehead Depth by aWT
- Brow Ridge Sliders by Jasumi
- Chin Cleft by TumTum Simiolino
- Pointed ears sliders by CmarNYC

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:3 Totally put him in my game :3

Thank you! <33
She's my favorite of these bunch!! Glad you like her!

Gale is soooo cute!!!!! ♥

Thank you!
I love her to bits..specially because she's living with Plutonia and she suffer a lot the poor thing! D:

Aww, Gale = love! Thanks for sharing them. May I ask where Drake's hair is from and which skintone you're using on Gale?

Thanks a lot!
Gale is using my default skintone (it's by LemonLeaf version B 2.5) but I'm using the olive colour tone from missy_harries@MTS. Drake's hair is Newsea's Shero retextured by me (here on this lj), but the streaked version was not released yet since I made it only for him. But I'll put it for download soon, promise! :)

gale is beyond adorable <3 might i ask which hair she's using? c:

Thank you!
Her hair is the Braided Bun from The Store. :)

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! I'm glad to see Plutonia getting some love, she's the one I worked more. She may not be pretty but I'm really happy with how her features came out (specially her profile). And LOL she really does look like a goblin, poor girl :'D

(Deleted comment)
Even the mean goblins! :'D
She doesn't really have much CC to be honest, her skin is the olive colourtone by missy_harries (http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=396996) and all her makeup is by Tifa (lips and scars), except the eyeshadow that is by Evie, the peacock one. Everything else is from EA :)

omg omg Gale. I'm way too excited about having her in my 'hood.

And I can't wait to get a hold of Drake's hair <3

Drake's hair is available for download now!
And have fun with Gale, I'd love to see what she'll do in your game! :3



I love ALL OF THEM but Gale's puppy eyes are just ASKJFL SO ADORABLE. I love Plutonia's profile to bits. Actually all of them have fantastic profiles! Guh, grabbing them all :D

ahaha thank you! I've been working extra hard on my sims profiles lately, I'm glad you like them! <3

EEEP, LOVE GALE! :) Cute as a button, that he is :D
He will be forced to reproduce endlessly in my game!

Omg poor Gale!! :'D
Be sure to post some pics please, i'd love to see her babies~

Taking Drake for my pollination exploration! :D thanks!

Oh yay! Can't wait to see how he'll breed!! :D

I took all of them! :D :D

By the way, thanks for uploading a male sim! I don't think I've seen a male sim by you before, and I LOVE him!

Thank you! :'D
And yes, Drake is my first *shared* male sim! I always think my males could use more work so I never release them! I'm happy you like him!! :D

Eee, they're all so cute although, I'm gonna have to be a follower and say that Gale is my favorite! ^.^

I have to echo everyone on the Gale love. Although they're all lovely, Gale is just . . . ♥ Thanks for sharing these!

Ohhh, Drake! I absolutely love him and his awesome nose! Thanks for sharing them :D

I love how different they look from each other and how completely full of personality they all are.

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