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NewSea Holic & Emerald retextured

NewSea Holic

EA's Highlights

Adjust-Shine Highlights

Polycount: 11,311
[EA's Highlights version] [Adjust-Shine Highlights version]

NewSea Emerald

EA's Highlights

Adjust-Shine Highlights
(Shine was slightly increased, I just didn't took a new preview picture ;P)

Polycount: 10,746
[EA's Highlights version] [Adjust-Shine Highlights version]

Emerald is not the original released file, it's a new package. So if you have any trouble let me know!

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by NewSea.

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Ooh, they're gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

You did it again! Very lovely! Loving the holic hair :]!

AWESOME! I was waiting for your version of the first hair! :) And the second hair looks great! The model is adorable!

Downloading both of them! I always wait for your versions! Thanks so much :)

Wow you're fast! So pretty \o/

I never commented before, but I really needed to--after all, at least 75% of the hairs in my game are done by you. ♥

These are especially lovely. Thank you!

Aww thanks a lot for the comment! I love getting feedback!
And I'm very happy that you use my retextures! <33

Thanks so much! I've been waiting for Holic for a long time now :].

You are very welcome, enjoy it! :)


I still dream someone will make Holic for males XD

I would like it too! Since I can't deal with meshes, I tried enabling it for males. Amd while it works fine, part of the hair goes through the body. The only way for it to look right is if the sim is super skinny and without muscles. :(

I kinda wish I knew how to deal with meshes now. Though I guess skinny and no muscles is better than nothing :P

Me too, I've actually converted hairs but the bones part is still a mystery to me..and I believe that this particular hair would be okay for males if the bones where changed. :/
Do you know how to enable it for males (if you don't mind it on skinny boys only)?

I'm sure I have the technical capacity to do it. Just not the software or the patience to read through tutorials :P /enabling for males.

So here is the adult version enabled for males & females (keep only one of the adult packages or they'll conflict), other ages aren't included as they are already enabled for both genders: http://www.mediafire.com/?d4f8jd75adv32bf :)

Oh thank you! I tried it and see what the problem is. Wish I knew how to do hair bones, the hair looks GORGEOUS on the boys.


Thank you very much for the hair, but I feel that the second model seems to ADELE (singer who became famous for his song ROLLING IN THE DEEP)

You're welcome!
Really? Maybe the round nose really looks similar! This sim is actually a premade sim from the bin changed a bit. She's the elder man with big ears ;)


hi i love ur work and i am a fan but theres just one thing i want to request. when u re-texture can't u do it as a package and sims3pack file? i mean i am asking it for every hair let it e peggy or newsea or any other site. plz i will be thankful if u can because the recent re textures don't include the sims3pack file. waiting for ur answer at makrulesgood@gmail.com.

Love the holic hair; I wanna make a really cool rocker chick to wear that hair now! But I gotta ask, where's that model from? She's gorgeous, I want her ♥ thanks for the hair (:

SOrry for the late reply!
The model is Gale, available here: http://ageiha.livejournal.com/33298.html She's just using different CC. :)
And thank you! <33

(Deleted comment)
The holic only has a streaked version so you can make the streaks any color, neon or not. The other hair is a stand alone version, you can have only one version withou problems too. The only difference with the streaked hairs is that the blue channel/tips is not all over the hair but in some parts only. The hair can still be Normal looking if you choose not use different colors in the tips :)

Sims for download - lots of them.

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