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The Person Below Me - Sims 3

My last submitions for pixel_trade's TPBM.
Sims created following prompts by smustleparty, kejserligt and charterzard.

smustleparty wrote:
"The person below me will make a mischievous blonde haired blue eyed alien with a cheeky smile and a big nose."

Download Leela (.sim)

Leela isn't using any contacts, these are the Psyche default eyes by Lapink (@MTS), olive colour tone (non-default) by missy harries (@MTS) and hair by NewSea retextured by me. She's packaged with the default green skintone.

kejserligt wrote:
"The person below me will make an alien male/female with big ears, colourful hair and a love for nature."

Download Adora (.sim)

Adora is using Romance contacts (@MTS), light blue colour tone by Fawkes (@GOS) and hair by Raonjena. She's packaged with the default green skintone.

charterzard wrote:
"TPBM will make a male alien with a hardcore Habsburg jaw, super fancy blonde hair and a flair for all things Victorian."

Download Orville (.sim)

Orville is using alien eyes as contacts (@GOS), orange colour tone by Fawkes (@GOS) and hair by Skylark Sims. He's packaged with the default red skintone.

They all should be base game compatible, as long as you have the latest patch.
Important: I have the following sliders in my game and they may have been used when creating these sims, none are needed unless you want to change their features:

- Jonha @MTS
- bella3lek4 @MTS
- Lip Shape by Hermi
- Forehead Depth and Nose Septum sliders by aWT
- Brow Ridge Sliders by Jasumi
- Chin Cleft by TumTum Simiolino
- Pointed ears sliders by CmarNYC

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OMG ADORA'S EARS. I want to eat them. >.>

You can eat only one, the other is mine, OK??

Oh my, I love Orville! If I still had S2, I would totally snag him. :3

Oh these sims are for Sims 3 not Sims 2 :'D

What a major d'oh moment, haha. They just looked Sims 2-y to me, somehow (in a good way). Thanks for correcting me. :)

This really makes me want to install TS3. They are all soooo pretty<333

Oh you should! I love your S2 game so I bet your S3 would be terrific as well! Thank you! <33

is it possible to stan for sims? if so, i am stanning like i've never stanned before over these.

Yes! I never got my prompt filled originally so I'm so happy about Leela! I will be adding these three puddings to my game tonight!

Really? Oh that makes me happy! I should have looked the prompts that weren't fullfilled instead of randomly choosing them. I'm extra glad I did your prompt now! <3
I'm glad you liked Leela, it was the first time I tried a mouth shape like that and I enjoyed it a lot!

little request...

Hi Lotus! I love your hair retextures, can you please make a shiny version of Newsea Bluebird (no bow version)?

Re: little request...

Lotus already did. Check her recent posts.

Re: little request...

And I actually didn't do it the adjust-shine version yet, only the EA highlight. I'll see if I can do it soon. :)

A Adora é tão fofinha *-*

Como uma sim tão estranha consegue ser tão lindinha?

ahaha obrigada!! <3
Só porque é alien não precisa ser medonha, né? 8'D

They're all beyond amazing, but Orville has stolen my heart and run away with it. Great job on all of them!

Thank you! I'm glad that Orville is getting some love, I like him a lot but he doesn't look much like an alien imo :'P

D'awww they're all adorable! :) I really like Adora.

If you don't mind me asking, where did you get Leela's top? It's pretty.

Thank you!

Leela's top is actually her wedding dress, it's the Ace of Lace dress from The Store: http://tinyurl.com/6339n3z :)

Orville has stolen my heart, i love how he is rockin' that wig-like hairstyle like a total boss XD

lol I couldn't find anything else to express his "love for all things victorian", so I had to give him that wig. Luckily he enjoys what he sees in the mirror. 8'D

Omg, the girls are so cute. And I love Orville's old school style...and old school name, lol! You always make such beautiful sims. :)

I just saw this - and I totally LOVE Orville! I'm putting him in my Sims 3 game ASAP.

Would I be allowed to use these sims in my legacy? :D

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