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NewSea Wishing Tree -Updated-

I'm slowly updating my previous retextures to add the adjust-shine version and all ages for those who were missing before. This time it's NewSea's WishingTree turn. The texture was updated too (mainly to fit the adjust-shine control better), so if you downloaded before you don't have to redownload but this version is a bit better imo.

EA's Highlights

Adjust-Shine Highlights

Polycount: 11,371
[EA's Highlights version] [Adjust-Shine Highlights version]

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by NewSea.

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The difference is evident :O, much better that way.


Omg! Thas was one of retexture I wanted to have in adjust-shine! thanks a lot! ~hugs

aw so pretty and cant have it, t.t the fact that high poly isnt friendly w/my comp :( I like adjust shine; right amount indeed.

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