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NewSea Birdy retextured and edited

NewSea Birdy original

EA Highlights
Polycount: 10,004

Adjust-shine Highlights
Polycount: 10,004

NewSea Birdy headband removed

EA Highlights
Polycount: 9,490

Adjust-shine Highlights
Polycount: 9,490

From child to elder.
You can have both versions (original and without headband) in game at the same time, but only one highlight style.

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by NewSea.

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Sooo pretty!!! DO WANT!!! Thank you!! And your model is gorgeous!! :)

Thank you! <33
And the model is Gale: I've been abusing her lately :3

I've been downloading your hairs like CRAZY after discovering your LJ. Love it!

lol I'm glad you like it! Thank you and have fun! 8D

Thank you! I love it without the headband. :3

You're welcome! Enjoy~ :3

wow! you always do such a beautiful job with these, thanks!

Thank you for you words! I hop you enjoy these <3

Lotus I miss you so much....I so glad to see again doing retexture ^w^ and thanks 2 for taking the bow 2 both version looks great so yeah Im donwload both,but for now I have to fix my issue...My cc not showing in my sism3 yeah Im gonna read alot to fix this...and yeah Im almost there to finish XD so yeah.Well see ya later Lotus :3

Re: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, Adri! I hope you enjoy it and that you can fix this problem soon!
If you need help, let me know and I'll see if I can help you! <33

Thanks lotus :3 and your welcome and big news! Is working again my cc but now I have to if all of my cc is working so yeah ;3 and really thanks to worried,I'm really thankful.

They're supernice. <3
I'm only a bit scared because of the polycount.. or is it quite common for Newsea to have his hairs that big? xD

Yeah, polycounts are a bit scary but it's a bit different from Sims 2. I read that Sims 3 doubles the polycounts, so let's say that a hair with 4k poly is a decent hair in Sims 2, when converted for sims 3 this hair will have around double the amount.

So it's a personal thing and a matter to see if your machine can handle it. Personally, if the hair is somewhere between 10-13k I keep it in my game, more than that only if I really love it. Also, I've been updating all my older retextures so the hairs won't randomly appear in townies, so the polycount shouldn't strain your machine if you're not even playing with the sim. :)

Answering your question, NewSea's hairs are normally around this much, 10-15k. I don't remember seeing much bigger polycount. There are hairs with much bigger polys than NewSea around.

Ah, I see, thank you for such a detailed explanation. I've been wondering such things for quite a while. Sims 3 has these little things in which they differ júst a bit from Sims 2. It's a lot more clear now. :3

OOOH YES YES YES! ♥ ♥ Looks great without the hairband! :D

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