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Peggy retextures

Peggy Free hair mesh #173-174 (743 & 744) retextured

EA Highlights
[ package]

Adjust-shine Highlights
[ package]

Here is the same retextures but with the mesh reconverted by Anubis, only adults and both shine syles: [ download]

Peggy Donation hair 745 & 746 retextured

EA Highlights
[Male & female] [Male only]

Adjust-shine Highlights
[Male & female] [Male only]

This one was enabled for females, since I liked how it looks on girsl too. :)

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by Peggy.

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These and your last post of hairs are just awesome! I will be downloading when I'm on my TS3 computer.

Thank you so much, hope you have you fun with it! <3

Wow, that was fast! :D Thank you as always~

:D awesome job; i especially love the first hair. thanks!

Thank you, hope you enjoy it! :)

Also: I love that male model, he's gorg. You should consider uploading him. ;D

I'll definitely keep it in mind ;)

Oh I'm in love with the male hair! <3 Thanks so much for retexturing it; it looks fantastic!

Faaantastic! Thanks so much :D

You're very welcome! =D

As always Lotus, you spoil us~ <3

Thank you so much~! I had my eye on that male hair~

You're welcome!
The male hair is my favorite this time :3

Ohhh!!! More hairs to add to my download list!!! You're awesome! :D

lol poor download list, right? my download folder is begging for mercy 8'D

Yay you did both! Lovely retexture as all ways and by the way here is that hot guy is available? for dowload because I really want him for a family I'm planing to do, until I fix the issue thing ;)

The male model isn't available yet, but i'll put him up for download soon I believe. :)
Oh God, you still wasn't able to fix this issue? if you need help let me know! It must be so frustrating!

Ok I'll be waiting and the issue is really getting to my nerves...today I'll do a test if it work what I was reading,it must
Work! ;) if not I'll be asking your help ^_^

Thank you Lotus! I'm happy that you enabled the male hair for females.

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