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NewSea Lullaby retexture

EA Highlights
Polycount: 12,407
[ package] [ mirror ]

Adjust-shine Highlights
Polycount: 12,407
[ package] [ mirror ]

New packages, so if you have any issue let me know and I'll try to fix it asap. You can have both in game at the same time, they will not conflict.

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by NewSea.

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Aaaand another hair to be bookmarked for download! :) Thanks Lotus! :D

You're welcome, thank you for the comment! <33

This looks amazing! Thanks so much! :)

Thank you, hope you enjoy it! <33

Lovely! Your retextures really are my favorites.

Oh man, this came out sooo pretty. Thank you :)

beautiful! I love it! Thank you

Wow, this looks stunning! SUCH an upgrade from the original, thanks :D

That looks amazing...*-* as usual, I kinda used to hate this style before you retextured it. XD

If I can make a sideswipe EHM *coff coff* suggestion, I've always been dreaming of a retexture of Newsea Lady...with an alpha edit to make it shoulder lenght, because it's senslessly long o_O

By the way Lotus, I really admire your work. <3 Hairstyles I used to dislike became some of my favorites after your retextures XD

Beautiful as always :) If you don't mind me asking, could you do/are you working on a retexture of CAZY's newest? I love it but don't like adjust shine, and your retextures are the best <3
I posted it on my tumblr but here's the link to it: http://kazumiya619.blog.me/30113036258

Oooh I'm in love with the Adjust-Shine version! :D ♥

I love how you did with this hair in adjust shine is so beautiful

As soon as I saw this mesh, I was hoping you'd retexture it! It looks amazing. Thank you :)

GREAT!!! You have done a GREAT job with this hair!!!!

Loooooooove it! I really wanted this hair (like everyone else). Now here's hoping that the mesh isn't totally screwy, haha. Thanks for retexturing, Lotus!

(Does this mean your simming computer is all better now?)

Beautiful! I was hoping you'd do this one...and you were so fast, too! Thank you! XD

hair mesh included?

are all the hair mesh is included???

Re: hair mesh included?

Yes, always.

Re: hair mesh included?

thx so mush

u're sooo guilty for creating amazing hairs D: my mods folder are full of youur hair and anubis!!! 1.5 GB only 2 of u XD

oh Lotus this is beautiful!! I just can't get enough of your retextures. I don't know if you are taking requests right now...but if you are, I'd really like a retexture of this hair http://www.peggyzone.com/Sims3Detail.html?id=000104&sortId=00


Hi, ageiha. I love your work. Thank you so much for sharing. I have a request for you. I'd like to know how you do retextures. Can you make a tutorial with images for i retextures some hairs i don't like the colors the creators do and put others colors like blue on my boy sims. Pleaseeeeeeee i can't find any tutorial that explains. It's so complicatted. I look everywhere.

Help me ageiha


Lotus, can you a tutorial hair retextures simple. The ones i find its so complicatted, i dont understand. You use tsr workshop to retextures hairs?
Mine dont look good,I try my color over the original texture of the hair, use copy and paste but is not well in the tips of the hair. Its looks rectangles. What i am doing wrong??

Help me lotus

This is lovely! Thanks for sharing! :)

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