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Peggy 760 & 761 Alpha-edited and retextured

EA Highlights
[ package]

Adjust-shine Highlights
[ package]

- Mesh is included.
- Polycound: unknow.
- For female only, all ages.
- Pick only one shine style.

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by Peggy.

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I'm so happy you retexured this! <3

This hair is very pretty. *runs off to go download*

I just saw this hair and thought, I hope Lotus retextures it...and you did! Thank you!

Please, retexture this www. peggyzone. com/Sims3Detail. html?id=000757&sortId=00

Thank you for this! I don't like Peggy hairs usually, but this one is quite nice. :)


How come you never to these in sim3packages anymore? I got a new computer and was super excited to start getting my downloads back and well your new downloads don't have that option:/


Peggy's hairs never were available in sims3pack. Her meshes just won't open with any program unless they are reconverted, so we can't export them to S3P format.

This is so cute I already got it :D

took the auto-shine one! thank you :)

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