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Peggy #764 & #765 retextured and alpha-edited.

Edit: Sorry guys, I messed up the files! So if you grabbed the file as soon as I made this post, please download it again and everything should be fixed!

Hi there! I'm not dead yet so I may as well post a new retexture and a tiny alpha-edit of this lovely hair by Peggy. I've had it for some time but couldn't find time to go in-game to take previews. Life is killing me, you guys!

I know this one has been retextured before, but I'd like to share my small alpha edit. It's really small, but if you look closer that hair wisp that was around the top of the head is now gone. Hope you'll enjoy it!

EA Highlights
[ package]

Adjust-shine Highlights
[ package]

Mesh is included.
Polycount: unknown.
Package only, Peggy's hair can't be made into sims3pack.
For all ages.
Pick only one shine style.

Sim is Emmaline Rhoen.

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by Peggy.

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It's lovely! Thank you so much. :)

Thank you, glad you like it! :)

Thanks for sharing! :) and I hope things get easier for you, no matter what's going on in your life!

You're welcome and Thanks a lot! <3

You're back! At least for now! And as usual your hair looks great! Glad to see your name on my flist! :D

Until I get bored with pets I'll find a way to be around, who needs sleep anyway?
Thank you! <3

nice to see you back, even if only for one post! your hair textures are my faves :3 anyway, thank you so much and i hope life calms down for you a bit!

I had to come back, pets is coming soon *excited* and hopefully I'll have more retextures soon!
And thanks, I hope it does gets better! <3

I am so happy to see you back Lotus! I have missed you and your updates terribly! This Peggy hair was a love of mine, but i hate her texture and that wisp drove me nuts, so this made my day! I hope you hang in there and that things get easier for you as well! Thank you for sharing this! :)

It looks beautiful I like your hair colors. Would you consider sharing? I can never get my blonde that good. c:

Loove the hair and now I love it more, Thank you!! Btw, your sim is very very pretty :)

Wheee, firstly glad to see a retexture from you - and oh my days, I have been waiting for a good retexture of this hair and this is great!

Thank you so much <3

Mind answering me what skintone you use ['=

This specific sim is using heiret's non-default skintone: :)

Just a Question...

First of all, I want to thank you for letting us download these awesome hairs for free! :) I really appreciate it. I just wanna ask why does the hair keeps changing when going into the shower?

Re: Just a Question...

You're welcome!

And honestly? I don't know.
I've looked everywhere for a fix and couldn't find it. So after checking various files I thought that maybe enabling the 'Revealing' category would fix it. After some time, it looked that it did fix it. But it didn't work with every hair, so I can honestly say I have no idea how to really fix it.
My latest retextures all have the CASP clothing category Revealing enabled, so they should work even under the shower, but some hairs don't.

Some older hairs change when going into the hot tub skinny didpping, that's because it's a new feature and the category wasn't available in CASP/s3pe when I released the retexture. But you can easily open the package file and change it. :)

Re: Just a Question...

I see, at any rate, I really love these hair! I'm looking forward to your blog!

where did you download the "store" clothes?? i want it so freaking out :))

All store stuff I get at the the Sims Fairy Tales, you can find link at the top of my page.

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