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Peggy free hair 185 retextured

EA Highlights
[ package]

Adjust-shine Highlights
[ package]

Mesh is included.
Polycount: unknown.
Package only, Peggy's hair can't be made into sims3pack.
Pick only one shine style.

Sim is Ella Carlisle.

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by Peggy.

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Beautiful! I thank you in bunches! ♥

Glad to see you back, I was really missing your work.
This hair looks so different from Peggy's with your textures, I love it. Thank you so much!

Thank you, hope you'll enjoy it!


And welcome back!!!!! We missed you!

Thanks! I missed the community too! <333

The adjust shine version is gorgeous :) Thank you <3

Thank you, Shyne! <3


Love it!!! You're the best.

Gorgeous work as always.

Both renders look stunning.

What would I do without your retextures? XD

This is beautiful! But is there an easy way to get to the mesh? Searching Peggyzone for it doesn't work and there are so many pages to sort through. :s

There's no need to get the mesh, it's included with the retexture.

As are all my retextures. :)

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