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Peggy #788 & #789 retextured

EA Highlights

Adjust-shine Highlights

Mesh is included.
Polycount: unknown.
Package only, Peggy's hair can't be made into sims3pack.
For male and female, all ages.
Pick only one shine style.

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by Peggy.

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Wow your fast .-. And good work too. Thank you :3

I love this!

I love your retextures! Great job! ♥

~ Candy Lover!

Lovely as usual :) Can't wait until I have more boys to put this on :D Glad you're back, did you enjoy your break?

AWESOME. I just saw this hair today, and was despairing of its dark roots, since it'd definitely be a hair I would otherwise use. Thanks so much!

Awesome Hair!

Lotus this looks awesome as does all your hairs. Is it also possible to convert Peggy's hair #723 and #771 to male hairs?

I love this hair and was waiting for you retexture. Didn't think we were going to get it this fast though.
Thank you so much, the hair looks amazing now.

Thank you so much! I saw this hair this morning and was wishing to myself that you would re-texture it. :3

I love it. ♥ Thank you!

love love love...
Thank you very much.

Yay thank-you! You made me happy!

Hi :) how can I contact with you ?

Hello, you can send me a message through livjournal or if you prefer, send me an email: lotusims@gmail.com

Thanks Lotus! <3

Extremely well done, thank you!

Beautiful! I just realized I have more male hairs in my folders than female hairs lol

i love it!!

i love it!! thanks~~

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