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Skysims 009 retextured and alpha-edited.

EA Highlights

Adjust-shine Highlights

The alpha-edit is really small, just to fix the hair were it parts.

- Polycount: 12,365
- Mesh is included.
- For all ages.
- Pick only one shine style.

Texture by Pooklet and mesh by Skysims @TSR (thanks Sunset!).

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My first of 2012! :'D

Thank you so much! ♥♥♥

You're very welcome! <3

Aw thanks!
But you've been making a great job, I've been using and loving your retextures! <3

Oh how I have missed you and lovely retextures! Thank you :-)

Thank you! <3
I've missed being more sims active too!

You are baaaaack! ♥
So glad! :D

Oh yes, couldn't stay away! TS3 and this community is too addicting!

Thank you for this! It looks beautiful; I can't wait to try it out in-game! XD

Thank you, hope you enjoy it in-game!

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