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Newsea Millet retextured

EA Highlights

Adjust-shine Highlights

- Polycount: 12,442
- Mesh is included.
- For all ages.
- Pick only one shine style.

Texture by Pooklet, Adjust-shine control action by AWT and mesh by Newsea.

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I like that hair but your Sims face is stunning!! I think it's the nose!! ♥

Thank you! When I was making her I thought something was kind of off, and indeed her nose is what catches attention the most, as it's kind of big for her face. But I kinda like it. :')

i took the ea highlights. very pretty. thank you

Thank you! And you're welcome, hope you enjoy!

am I the only one who can't download the adjust shine one?

It appears to be working fine, but I have added a mirror link just in case. Tell me if you still can't download, ok? :)

That sim. Ohgod. Do want <3!

I downloaded adjust-shine. It's gorgeous! ^^

Thank you!
I'm not sure if I'm ready to share her, but I'll think about it. I can't really keep stuff all to myself so I may end up sharing her. :)

That would be so cool.
I never download Sims, but when I saw this one; I just couldn't take my eyes off of her. I envy you for being able to make special faces on Sims. I always end up making look-a-likes. ^^;;

This hair is stunning, thank you so much ♥ I'm so glad to see you back at retexturing, yours are by far my favorite!

Thank you so much! I'm glad to be back too~

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