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Skysims hair 0200retextured

EA Highlights
[Package] [Mirror Package]
[Sims3pack] [Mirror Sims3pack]

Adjust-shine Highlights
[Package] [Mirror Package]
[Sims3pack] [Mirror Sims3pack]

- Polycount: 9,716
- Mesh is included.
- For all ages, both genders.
- Pick only one shine style.

Gorgeous sim is Jude Clemens by simpops.

Texture by Pooklet, Adjust-shine control action by AWT and mesh by Skysims.

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I love it so much! Thank you :D

This hair is gorgeous, I love it.

wow thanks! Really like this hair, though I wish you had it male version! It would be awesome<3


thank you! But i didn't finded the Sim Jude Clemens.


Where can I find the shirt the sim is wearing?

It's a dress from the store, it comes with the Hidden Springs world.

This hair style so cute! So is this Sim. Is she downloadable?

Woot nice 2 c ya again. Im liking this do 4 my Damon Salvatore sim x) I noticed skywims' hair(most of them) polycount is high :gah: Also read a post on ur tumblr about the whole permission thing. Seriously what they do is illegal and yet T$R still makes mullah(money) anyways paysitesmustBEdestroyed xD

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