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Peggy June'12 Special Gift

EA Highlights

Adjust-shine Highlights

- Polycount: 11,589
- Mesh is included.
- For all ages.
- Pick only one shine style.

Texture by Pooklet, Adjust-shine control action by AWT and mesh by peggyzone.

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Thank you <3 I was waiting for someone else to retexture this because I like matter textures on my hairs but this one defiantly looks better with more detailed textures (:

Such an interesting and beautiful model again! Is it possible to download her somewhere?

Wonderful retexture, so much more useable than the original. I also have the same request as anon: if that model is available somewhere, I'd love to have her.

Gracias! Amo tus retextures! Haces un excelente trabajo :)

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