TS3 Sim Download - Agnes Burney

I've got a few requests to upload my model for the Millet retexture, so here is Agnes Burney.
You can see more pictures of her, here on my Simblr.

Download .sim

Custom Content:
Included: A striked version of my retexture of the Millet hair.
Not included: Ayra Contacts by Stefizzi, Non-default NV1 Light skintone by Ephemera, 3D lashes by S-Club Privée and Sugar Lipgloss by IN3S.

Important: I have a ton of sliders in my game and they may or may not have been used when creating these sims, THEY ARE NOT NEEDED unless you edit their features. Here is a picture listing all the sliders I'm using. You can easily find them all browsing MS3B if you want them.